Save Your Energy Bill All The Year Around

With the same 1KW electric energy, the air-source swimming pool heat pump can generate more than 5KW energy (Aini's Full-inverter pool heat pump can generate more than 12KW energy at Air 27℃/ Water 26℃/ Humidity 80%). At the same time, the same electric energy can only generate almost 1KW energy when using an electric pool heater. The air-source swimming pool heat pump can greatly reduce power consumption and cut down the electricity cost.


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Aini Full DC Inverter Technology consists of Full DC control board, DC compressor, DC fan motor and Electric expansion valve. It offers superior performance, energy-efficiency;and ultra comfort in stylished solutions conforming to all swimming pools and lifestyles.

DC Inverter Control Solution

Aini full inverter control system can accurately alter both compressor speeds and fan speeds for optimized performance and lower power consumption.

DC Inverter Compressor

BLDC Twin-rotary DC Compressor. It has wide frequency range, high efficiency, low vibration and longer lifetime.

BLDC Fan Motor

DC Fan Moto It has variable fan speeds, low noise level and less power consumption.

Electronic Exp. Valve (EXV)

Electric Expansion Valve It provides a precisely control to the refrigerant flow so as for best performance in various conditions.

Why Choose Aini Full DC Inverter?

The EU has introduced a new regulation on the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases).The new regulation restricts the availability of HFCs through a quota system measured as a CO2 equivalent (C02-eq). Only companies with EU quotas will be able to supply HFCs to the EU market.

Why Choose R32 Refrigerant?

AiLink Wi-Fi remote control is an option for all swimming pool heat pump models. It allows the pool heat pump to be monitored and controlled from a smartphone or any internet web browser. The AiLink App is available for both Android and iPhone